We are Pench started to provide fresh A2 cow (desi cow) milk and A2 Vedic ghee within few hours to your door step. Pench initiate milk in glass bottle. Glass bottle is not only environment friendly but also preserve natural taste of divine nectar i.e. milk by keeping all nutrients intact. By using glass bottle we promote plastic free campaign.

Pench select indigenous cow breed Gir which can easily adapt with environment. We are working on open herd system which means let our cows roam free in the fields, so that they can eat natural green grass and drink plenty of water whenever thirsty because we believe every creature with soul on earth has a right to live free.     


          Pench is an initiative in the middle of India to serve and save Indigenous breed cow by providing cow based products across  pan India and globally.


          Pench working on its unique model. Producing wide range of cow based products as per customer’s behaviour. We are going to organic way, where health is foremost priority for every human being around glob.

Our strong belief is that cow is the nature. In ancient period people regularly used cow’s milk, ghee, urine and cow dung, hence they lived diseases free life.

Pench has mission, try to go back in stress free, plastic free, pollution free, eco-friendly period.       

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